A Paranormal Interest Retreat


Come spend a haunted weekend in Virginia City, Nevada with Billy Tolley from Ghost Adventures/Paranormal Challenge; Mark and Debby Constantino; and Michael and Marti Parry!  15 hours of investigation!

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      Knights of Pythias        The Washoe Club      The Mackay Mansion     The Savage Mansion      The Old County Jail

VCQuatro: A Paranormal Interest Retreat

Lights Out.  Extreme.  Regulate.  KnoW Fear.  This is the motto of the A1 Paranormal Interest Team.  If you have what it takes, please join us for the fourth Virginia City Retreat to be held October 7th-10th, 2011 in Virginia City, NV.   There are NO refunds for tickets purchased unless the event is entirely canceled due to unforseen circumstances.  Event is capped at 30 people.  There will be approximately 10-12 people in each investigation group.  Event coordinator reserves the right to change investigation locations based on availability.

Special guests and celebrities include  Mark and Debby Constantino, Michael and Marti Parry,  and Billy Tolley.  More guests may be announced in the near future.  Investigation locations being booked at present include the downstairs ONLY of The Washoe Club which has been made well known in the paranormal field by the hit show Ghost Adventures,   the Knights of Pythias Building, the Kick House (a private residence), The Peace Officers Museum (old county jail), The Savage Mansion, and the Mackay Mansion.   These locations are in process of booking but some changes may still occur. 

Guests are responsible for their own travel and lodging accommodations.
  Event hotel is the  Silverland in Virginia City.  Event rates at the Silverland will be negotiated and the rate will be announced here ASAP.  They block rooms for us.  If they run out of blocked rooms, be sure to ask if there are any others available.  I also spoke with the staff at the Gold Hill Hotel, and they had rooms available as did the Silver Queen.   If you are in need of a roommate to help share the cost of lodging, please email Tara.  To book your room, wait until the event rate is announced here and then call the Silverland and let them know you are coming to the event.  The rooms will be blocked under APIR.  The hotel will release the blocked rooms that are not booked thirty days prior to the event, and the rate will go back to the normal rate for any remaining rooms at the hotel.  When booking your room, if you are a couple please ask for a king bed room to allow folks traveling with room sharing arrangements to book the double queen rooms.

Silverland Hotel 775-847-4484
Gold Hill Hotel 775-847-0111
Silver Queen Hotel 775-847-0440

Cost per full event ticket is $300.00 and is non refundable.  This ticket covers the gallery reading, meet n greet, speaker presentations, and all investigations.

GREAT NEWS for locals!  There is now an option for the Parry Gallery Reading ONLY purchase.  If you are local, or just want to come and enjoy the  gallery, you can purchase a gallery pass for only $35.00.  You can also purchase one day of speakers and one night of investigation for $150.00.
To purchase bonus investigation time, please EMAIL Tara with your request.  Locations and speakers are subject to change.  Looking forward to seeing you in VC!  Please share this information with others who may be interested in attending.  Payment required to hold spots at the retreat.

Pay below for full event- $300 

Pay below for one day of speakers and one night of investigation ONLY- $150

Pay below for Michael and Marti Parry Gallery Reading ONLY, Friday 10/7 from 6-8pm at Silverland- $35

AND just when you thought it couldn't get any more intense...there will be additional investigation times available for purchase!  You can buy bonus investigation time from 2:45am-4:15am at the following locations with/without special guest celebrities.  This is a great opportunity to get into the locations with a much smaller group.  To purchase, email Tara at tleebohren@gmail.com and let me know how many spots you want and for which locations and nights.  Once I have your list, I will email you back with a paypal total to pay.  These will be first come first served, and when a location is sold out I will indicate that below.

Kick House Friday night from 2:30-4:00
    Max of 4 people @ $25 per person

Knights of Pythias Sunday night from 2:45-4:15
    Max of 4 people @ $25 per person

  Washoe Friday night  from 2:45-4:15
    Max of 6 people @ $25 per person
Washoe Saturday night from 2:45-4:15 with the Constantinos
    Max of 4 people @ $75 per person
Washoe Sunday night  from 2:45-4:15 with Billy Tolley
    Max of 4 people @ $75 per person

Old County Jail Friday night from 2:30-4:00
    Max of 4 people @ $25 per person

Mackay Mansion Saturday night from 2:45-4:15
    Max of 4 people @ $25 per person

Savage Mansion Saturday night from 2:45-4:15
    Max of 4 people @ $25 per person
Savage Mansion Sunday night from 2:45-4:15
    Max of 4 people @ $25 per person

There will be a silent auction and some of the proceeds will benefit The Washoe Club restoration fund.  In addition, APIR has teamed up with Relay For Life to fight cancer!  A portion of our auction proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society.  Please save up so you can participate! 

ALSO IMPORTANT:  If you are a member of the Washoe Club, bring your card for verification.  Remember this is an ANNUAL fee!  Thank you!  If you don't have your card yet, we will take care of it when you arrive.

Below is a TENTATIVE schedule of events.  This is subject to change and is intended to be a guideline only!

Retreat Schedule

Registration @ Silverland- 3pm

Dinner on your own- 4pm-6pm

Gallery Reading @ Silverland- 6pm

Meet n’ greet @ Washoe- 8:30pm-10:30pm

Investigations- 10:45pm



Private Readings all day Saturday

Billy Tolley @ Silverland- 5:30pm (eat beforehand!)

Investigation Prep @ 7pm

Investigations @ 8pm


Michael Parry @ Silverland- 1:30pm

Constantinos @ Silverland- 3:15pm

Dinner on your own @ 5

Investigation Prep @ 7pm

Investigations @ 8pm


Nothing to see here…move along people!  ;-)

Investigation Schedule is TBA.  Schedule will be posted below..

Team A:

Team B:

Mark and Deb Constantino    Michael and Marti Parry       Tara Bohren                        Billy Tolley 
Some history about this event...  Previous investigation locations include The Chollar Mine; St. Mary's Art Center, which was the city hospital; the Territorial Enterprise museum where Mark Twain was a writer when he lived and worked in VC; Piper's Opera House; and more. 

If you would like to find out more about saving the Washoe Club, you can do so at www.thewashoeclub.com